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                                  I work out of a greenhouse. What chef
September 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 17                               wouldn't want to work in my shoes?

Executive Chef
Xavier Salomon

MaȊtre Cuisiner de France
September 2014
Chef's Larder


Executive Sous-Chef
Jesse Hansen

Foraging for Lobster Mushrooms with Chef David Schmidt

View From the Kitchen by Chef Ryan Clark

Mint (Menths sp.)


District American Kitchen
Restaurant Review
The Green Teen Cookbook Review

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Synopsis:  Steve Stevick, Breakfast Chef at Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge, Sedona, Arizona.

At 5 a.m., every day but Sunday, Steve Stevick walks from his cabin on the property of idyllic Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge into the lodge’s 100-plus-year-old kitchen to start the breakfast shift. Like every other chef, he’s on a mission to please. He knows that when groggy guests start making their way into the dining room and have their first cup of coffee, his breakfast will be first on the list of perfect things they’ll experience at the lodge that day. “I opened up Sedona Rouge [Reds] as sous-chef,” Stevick said. “I helped Kyle Evans open the place up. I ordered all the food and all the equipment.” Until, that is, he got back to Sedona. “As soon as I get back to Arizona, I get a phone call from Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant in La Jolla. I got offered a sous-chef position. I thought, Go figure. It almost made me turnaround.” But he stayed and continued to look at Craig’s List, everyday, for the next few days. And then he saw an ad for a job at Garland’s. “I thought, Oh, wow. That’s my ticket, right there. I finally got it.” “So I’m sitting there the next day, having my coffee. Looking up at the red rocks in the canyon thinking, Wow. There goes my dream job. And then the phone rings. It was Mary Garland. She said, Hey, did you put in a resume through Craig’s List? And I go, Yes. Of course. And she asked if I was still interested in the position.” He met them the next day and got the job.