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March 2014 Issue, Vol. 2, No. 5                                                                                There's a reason for everything I do.


A Tale of Two Chefs

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Duck Neck Crostini

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The Turquoise Room Revue

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Synopsis:  Foodies West interview of Chef Ryan Clark, owner of Agustin Kitchen, Tucson, Arizona, three-time Iron Chef, Food & Wine nomination for best new chef

When Chef Ryan Clark started his education at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, his class numbered 20 students. Clark and only six others ended up graduating, and he on the Dean’s List. The 28-year-old Tucsonan has been on the fast track of culinary success ever since.Clark thought it was fun doing everything in the classical French way he learned in school, but he also discovered he liked to twist a little new with the old. A habit he picked up from his first job in the kitchen at Alan Zeman’s restaurant, ¡Fuego!, in Tucson, Arizona. Clark started there when he was 15. He became the sous-chef at 19.What Z-man ignited got fanned by another high profile personality, Beau MacMillan, when Clark worked alongside him at elements. When Clark finally landed back home in the Tucsonan desert, he worked at Canyon Ranch and then The Dish Bistro before spending about four years as executive chef at the Lodge on the Desert.