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MINT (Mentha sp.)
                                                                              The mythological homewrecker
 September 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 17                                              turned fragrant healer

Executive Chef
Xavier Salomon

MaȊtre Cuisiner de France

Executive Sous-Chef
Jesse Hansen

September 2014
Chef's Larder


Chef Steve Stevick

View From the Kitchen by Chef Ryan Clark

The Green Teen Cookbook Review

District American Kitchen
Restaurant Review

Foraging for Lobster Mushrooms with Chef David Schmidt

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Synopsis: Foodies West - Mint (Mentha sp.)

The Mentha family got its name from a Grecian water nymph, Minthe from Cocytus, one of the four rivers of the underworld whose name means river of wailing. Folklore says nymphs generally like to hang out around mountain meadows, streams and rivers—exactly where you’ll likely find Menthe family members. Minthe made the transition from nymph to mint when an affair between her and Hades became an underworld sensation. When Hades’ wife, Persephone, found out, she turned Minthe into a mint plant. Each time Persephone stomped upon her, Minthe the mint exuded a wonderful aroma. Peppermint, which aids in digestion. Most every member of the mint family contains characteristics to sooth nerves and the stomach. Spearmint is used in mint juleps.