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CAST & PLOW - 2016
 February 2016 Issue | Vol. 4, No. 4                                                                                                     Marina del Rey, California




Chef Tournant
Brandon Duley

Chef de Cuisine
Brandon Gauthier

Executive Chef
Kyle Kuklewski

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Cast & Plow, Chef de Cuisine Brandon Duley | Ritz-Carlton Marina dwl Rey, California Every Wednesday, in the early AM, Chef Tournant Brandon Duley orders produce for Cast & Plow’s menu and daily specials. Duley buys enough for a week. He doesn’t do this from a computer screen. He does face-time with the food at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. The market’s produce-driven theme brings purveyors all the way from Berkeley to sell their goods. It’s the largest market in the state, and Duley has formed “a nice relationship” with many of the purveyors. They make sure he gets some of the best of their product. Like Maggie’s Farm (yes, it’s named after Bob Dylan’s song). Owner, Nate Peitso’s, parents started the business as the Produce Garden in Berkeley to supply Chef Panisse. “I wake up pretty fast when I get around here,” Duley laughed. “As you can see, here’s where you get all the strong, purple, beautiful lettuces.” And wild arugula, which he dug into. He also gets many of the micro herbs he uses at the restaurant here, like beets, chard, upland cress, kale and baby carrot tops. “These are some of my favorites,” Duley said about the carrot tops. “These are new, like in the past year.” New is one of the reasons Duley likes the market. He can get things that might stump the palate, like shiso or mandarinkquats. Or comes in an unusual form, like the hearts of palm one famer sold as a trunk of small palm tree. Or the black trumpet mushrooms from Dave West the Mushroom Man. All these make fun and interesting additions to the menu. As Duley dug into the assortment of Maggie’s Farm’s great greens, a local chef introduced himself. Chef Stephen Barkulis—formerly of La Vieille Maison, The WaterGrill, and Raphael’s. “Okay.” Duley said after Barkulis told him he’s currently a private chef for a client in Hidden Hills. “Nice. If you’re ever in the area, stop by the Ritz.” “Yeah,” Barkulis answers. “I will, man. Love your pix.” Duley has “a really large Instagram following.” As in more than 23,000 people. The site features photos of specials he makes with the market produce. “Every once in a while I get to meet some of the people that follow me here in the market,” Duley said. “It’s a nice surprise.” Duley’s trips to the farmers market started before Cast & Plow existed. Back when the venue was a fine dining restaurant called Jer-ne Restaurant + Bar under the direction of Executive Chef Troy Thompson. Thompson first brought Duley to the market as something different for him to experience. Duley continued to go with him for the next couple of months.